You will be guided step by step

Your application!

Take your time for your registration! The first filter is through the form and CV, please ensure it’s as completed and comprehensive as possible. Provide details for your previous experiences, company, position, task and responsibilities, and dates of the same. Most recent experiences are the most relevant!

See: How to prepare your CV

Your first interview

Upon receiving your application, based on your experience and training, if you qualify for any of the available vacancies, you will receive an invitation to select a date and time for an interview with our recruiters. NOTE that between the following 24/48 hours you will receive the feedback of your interview!

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A new job opportunity is waiting for you!

If you have been shortlisted to continue for a job opportunity, you will receive an offer by email with all the information about the vacancy available. We will share all details such as salary, contract duration and hiring conditions.

After your acceptance, we will send your application to the mentioned company who will decide on your hiring.

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Your next interview with one of our clients!

Your next interview with one of our clients!
Be ready for the interview with the hiring manager! Staff from the HR department of the hotel/restaurant will interview you and ask you about your experience, skills, knowledge and values. This is your time to shine! If you are successful in this stage, you will move on to ”step 5” where you will receive a job offer in order to start your VISA process.
If you are not successful, don’t worry! Our team will continue to let you know about future candidacies.
See: Emigrate, the process

Pre-onboarding process

Upon completing the previous stage and if you are shortlisted by one of our clients you will receive an official offer letter!

After your acceptance, you will start the necessary documentation process (visas, medical exams, criminal records, and other certifications or documents as required by each company). Once completed, the only thing remaining is to wait for your visa and a flight date which will occur after completing the aforementioned documentation.

In the event that you decide not to proceed with the process, the vacancy will be offered to another candidate, and if you wish to resume later on, you will need to start the process from step 3.

See: Emigrate, the process


The hiring company will assign an onboarding date. At this time, you will receive the documents you need to sign. All companies cover flights and visa expenses. A PHRS member will provide you with all the necessary info such as your flight specifications, details of your boarding, emergency contacts and transport contacts, accommodation details, and everything required for you to start a new unforgettable experience.

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